Day Boat Tour From Saranda to Kakome Bay and Kroreza Beach


Day Boat Tour From Saranda to Kakome Bay and Kroreza Beach

Duration :   1 Day
The Price :   35 
Max People :    100
Start Location:   Saranda
Saranda Boat Day Tour
Day Boat Tour From Saranda to Kakome Bay and Kroreza Beach on Wooden Ship

The Onhezmus 1 is a remarkable tourist ship that stands out for its unique construction—crafted entirely from wood. This distinctive feature not only adds to the ship’s aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a traditional and timeless maritime experience. As it gracefully navigates the azure waters, the ship offers enchanting trips to explore the captivating blue shores of the city of Saranda.

Saranda Boat Day Tour
Onboard Delights:
  • Capacity: Accommodates up to 107 passengers for a comfortable and sociable experience.
  • Dimensions: A sleek vessel, measuring 23.3 meters in length and 7.4 meters in width, offering stability and ample space.
  • Construction: Distinctive for being entirely crafted from wood, Onhezmus 1 exudes a classic and timeless aesthetic.
  • Engine: Powered by a single 200HP engine, ensuring a reliable and efficient journey along the Saranda coastline.
  • Experience: Passengers can enjoy an immersive journey, feeling the natural textures of wood, the hum of the engine, and the rhythmic motion of the waves.
  • Environmental Consideration: Reflecting a commitment to sustainability, Onhezmus 1’s wooden construction aligns with eco-conscious choices.
Journey of Wonders:

Embarking from Saranda, the ship takes you on a carefully curated itinerary, promising unforgettable moments at each stop.


As the ship sets sail, the first destination on the horizon is the sun-drenched haven of Krorez. Here, the shores glisten with golden sands, and the crystal-clear waters extend a tempting invitation. Passengers have the opportunity to disembark, feel the warm embrace of the sun, and explore the beach. For those seeking relaxation, umbrellas and sunbeds are available for a delightful seaside retreat. The beachside bar and restaurant present an enticing array of options for a leisurely lunch or refreshing drinks, creating a tranquil interlude that captures the essence of coastal bliss.

Kakome Bay:

The journey continues to the picturesque Kakomese Bay, where the ship gracefully glides to a gentle stop near the shore. This pause allows passengers to bask in the breathtaking scenery, capturing the beauty of the bay in mesmerizing snapshots. The ship becomes a floating vantage point, offering passengers the perfect opportunity to capture the coastal charm with their cameras and create lasting memories.

Turtle Cave:

Turtle Cave, located 8 km northwest of Saranda, features a narrow entrance leading into a gorge. The eastern coast is low and sandy, while the northern and southern coasts are rocky, with the southern reaching heights of 10-15 m and covered in forest. Cultivated fields and stone buildings are found on the east coast, with a new tourist village under construction. Two drinking water wells are situated 40 m and 65 m from the coastline. Depths in the gorge are significant, with the northern shore being deeper than the southern, reaching up to 52 m at the end.

Cape Kefali and Soldier Beach:

A brief yet magical pause at Cape Kefali unfolds, offering passengers a moment to take in the panoramic vistas and create lasting memories against the backdrop of this coastal gem. The ship then gracefully moves toward Ushtari Beach. This is another short stop that allows for a scenic interlude. These moments, though fleeting, add a touch of magic to the overall journey, ensuring that each destination becomes a chapter in a maritime adventure filled with beauty and serenity.

Additional Information: To enhance your voyage, arrive at the ship 20 minutes before departure, equipped with sunglasses, towels, and bathrobes. While there’s no onboard doctor, safety is a priority. Guests are encouraged to bring their own food and drinks if desired.

Places You’ll See :

What's Included

  • Beachfront
  • Boat Tour
  • Boat Transfer
  • Extra trip by speedboat


  • Beach
  • Boat Tour
  • Boat Tours
  • Rafting
  • Sightseeing
  • Swimming
  • Trekking

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